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Ramsay Health/Capio Healthcare International Consulting Engagement

Various Locations in the U.K.


This project involved extensive Needs Analysis and Bid Preparation.  The British Government had established volumes of work to outsource out of the National Health System and into Private Provision so that they might cut waiting times; add more choice for patients; and innovation in the health delivery in designated geographies.  Over the duration of 2 years we prepared detailed analysis on how to deliver services and what facilities would be required for delivery of such services.


In this contract we delivered 11 sites complete with Equipment and staffing within a span of 2 and ½ years.  8 of the 11 sites were new build facilities and two of the new builds were fully licensed hospitals.  We delivered 9 surgical centers, extending from Newcastle near the Scottish border to Bodmin in Cornwall, in addition to the two freestanding hospitals in York and Banbury.