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Special Project Services 


Defining special project services varies from one client to another, but basically it is Owner Advocacy for any number of various tasks and assignments.  Depending on the type of client, services may strictly be managing a project that is already established and overseeing it to make sure the end result meets the owner’s objectives or it may be a special evaluation of operational interface is required to advance a project  so we customize services as needed.  To a different owner, these services could mean due diligence analysis on existing facilities, recommendations on proposed sites, working with the owner and end users to establish the overall program and then managing it through schematic design.  ProjX also recognizes that even special project assignments need to stay in line with the set schedules and budgets.  ProjX is experienced in all these aspects.


Owners often consider multiple sites before making the decision to construct a new building.  Often these site have existing facilities that must be assessed for advancing the operational needs as the facility is brought on line.  During real estate acquisition and physical plant analysis, ProjX performs a due diligence study on each site to determine the options, suitability and cost in relation to the proposed client objectives.


Projx, LLC Special Project Services Include:

  • Functional and Operational Planning

  • Feasibility and Needs Due Diligence

  • Equipment Planning

  • Zoning and Permitting Assistance

  • Real Estate and/or Physical Plant Analysis

  • Indoor Air and Infection Control Assessments

  • Long Range Master Planning

  • Financing Consultation & Research

  • Budgeting and Costing Strategies

  • Conceptual Design

  • Scheduling Strategies

  • Qualification Services

  • Occupancy Planning

  • Advocacy through Program Management