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This project encompasses the construction of a new independent structure spanning 8,949 square feet, dedicated to housing an outpatient dialysis clinic. The clinic comprises fourteen dialysis stations, along with an additional individual care station.

To enhance the treatment floor's ambiance, natural light permeates through clearstory windows situated along the eastern facade. This design choice ensures that the natural light illuminates the area appropriately, without overpowering the facility and eliminating the need for privacy screening.


Despite the site's challenging topography, the building takes advantage of the picturesque mountain scenery in East Tennessee.

The site conditions for this project posed significant challenges, primarily due to two crucial factors:

Firstly, in order to cater to the needs of the patients visiting the site, careful consideration was given to designing handicap access that not only met but exceeded the requirements outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This necessitated meticulous planning of the site, including the positioning of the building and the entrance canopy.

Secondly, due to the extensive material requirements for operating the artificial kidney machines, adequate access for deliveries was essential. Additionally, other facility demands required reinforced embankment structures to create a leveled surface that could accommodate the building's footprint.

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