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This project includes a new freestanding building of 8,949 sf to house an outpatient dialysis clinic.  The facility has fourteen dialysis stations plus one individual care station.  The site allowed us to work with the available natural light in the beautiful mountain setting. Natural light is brought into the open treatment floor utilizing clearstory windows along the eastern façade; thus, the natural light is never overpowering into the facility but clearly available without having to install privacy screening. While the site is on the side of some steep grade, the building can take advantage of the beautiful mountain scenery of East Tennessee. The site conditions of this project proved to be challenging. All access to the site was critical for two major reasons.

First, the patients visiting this site are well served by carefully designed handicap access that meets or exceeds the ADA requirements. This required mindful structuring of the site and placement of the building and entrance canopy

Second, because these facilities have large material requirements for maintaining the operation of the artificial kidney machines, access for delivery was needed. These and several other facility requirements called for some reinforced embankment structures to allow some leveling to accommodate the footprint of the building.

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