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ProjX LLC offers extensive expertise in designing efficient and high-quality facilities. As a full-service organization, we provide a single-source solution encompassing planning, architecture, and construction administration. Our team possesses a deep understanding of design and licensing requirements, and we are committed to meeting new demands for efficiency, equipment integration, and timeliness.

Our wealth of experience has positioned ProjX as a top-tier resource for entities seeking superior quality and efficiency. We recognize that advancements in technology are reshaping client interactions, and we embrace these changes to deliver exceptional results.

We firmly believe that consumer-friendly organizations thrive in today's competitive landscape. The key ingredients for consumer satisfaction are speed, quality, and service. At ProjX, we prioritize these elements to ensure our clients' success.

In the current environment, effective planning from the conceptual stage to functional operation is critical. We understand that outdated operational models must give way to new delivery paradigms. ProjX has risen to the challenge of aligning our clients' products and resources with the dynamic demands of the marketplace.

With ProjX LLC, you can trust that our comprehensive solutions will optimize your facility's efficiency, quality, and functionality. Contact us today to experience the difference of working with a partner committed to exceeding your expectations and driving your success.


Design Services include:

 Bidding/Negotiation Assistance

  • Block Diagrams

  • Compliance with Authorities having Jurisdiction

  • Conceptual Designs

  • Construction Administration

  • Construction Documents​

  • Engineering/Equipment/Interior Design Coordination

  • Master Planning/Space Programming

  • Renderings/Fly Through graphics/Floor Plans

  • Schematic Design

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