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In addition to our Program Management service offerings, ProjX has extensive experience in designing efficient, quality facilities.


ProjX, LLC is a full service organization that is capable of providing single source planning, architecture and construction administration.  We have a substantial depth of knowledge about design and licensing requirements. We understand and are motivated by new demands for efficiency, equipment integration and timeliness.


Because of our vast experience, ProjX has become a first order resource for entities concerned with quality and efficiency. We understand that improvements in technology are triggering new modes of client interaction.


We believe that organizations which are consumer friendly succeed. Speed, quality and service are critical to consumer satisfaction.  


In today’s environment it is critical to plan effectively from inception of the concept through to functional operation.  Many functional operations of the past cannot and should not be modeled into future delivery paradigms.  


ProjX has addressed the challenges of matching the client’s products and resources to the demands of the marketplace. 


Projx, LLC Design Services include:


  • Bidding/Negotiation Assistance

  • Block Diagrams

  • Compliance with Authorities having Jurisdiction

  • Conceptual Designs

  • Construction Administration

  • Construction Documents​

  • Engineering/Equipment/Interior Design Coordination

  • Master Planning/Space Programming

  • Renderings/Fly Through graphics/Floor Plans

  • Schematic Design

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