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Job Summary 

The primary purpose of this position is to effectively manage multiple clients with multiple architectural projects and multiple deadlines from beginning to end, motivating team members to produce quality work on time and within budget.  Responsibilities include building and maintaining client relationships to encourage repeat or referral business. The Team Leader is also responsible for representing and communicating ProjX business philosophy, methodology, and capabilities to potential clients and existing clients, as well as throughout the team. 

Essential Job Requirements   (also includes Supervisory Responsibilities and Job Dimensions)


  1. Manage multiple clients with multiple architectural projects and multiple deadlines from beginning to end ensuring established schedules and budgets are maintained on all projects.

  2. Display excellent project management skills, including budget/schedule development and management; resource management and forecasting; task and delivery management; risk identification and management; and leadership, team-building and team management skills.

  3. Serve as primary contact between the organization and client, overseeing design efforts to ensure client’s needs are fully met.

  4. Work effectively to deliver an overall solution to client, not just project focused.

  5. Effectively balance client’s needs and priorities with ProjX’s needs and priorities.

  6. Responsible for responding to clients on an expedited basis.

  7. Participate in weekly team meetings to share pertinent project information, make critical decisions plan, solve problems, resolve conflicts, and recognize/celebrate team’s achievements.

  8. Provide consistency of design requirements by supplementing existing and developing new standards in conjunction with Principals.

  9. Collaborate with team members on design and construction for new or modified building structures.

  10. Prepare time/cost estimates for projects.

  11. Function as the spokesperson for the team in meetings outside of the team.

  12. Assure all visual charts and graphic presentations are current and accurate.

  13. Report progress, project/task completion, and/or milestones to team, client, and management in a timely manner.

  14. Substitute for team members when they need to be away, and generally share in the team’s work.

  15. Assist in quickly resolving quality problems, which halt the production process.

  16. Prepare marketing projections on a maintenance level.

  17. Serve as production coordinator, coach and facilitator for the team.

  18. Build and maintain strong relationships with client organizations through quality work and leadership to encourage repeat or referral business.

  19. Stay up-to-date on clients’ operations, medical technology, and trends in healthcare and design upgrades.

  20. Maintain a current level of professional knowledge in his/her focus health care industry discipline, as well as structural, civil, mechanical plumbing and electrical (MP&E), and appropriate equipment.

  21. Report project deadlines, possible manpower deficits, and projected start dates in Team meetings.

  22. Coordinate with accounting department to ensure accurate billing and billing projection.

  23. Find and discuss innovative ways and cutting edge technology as it may assist in clients’ projects to meet owner’s operational goals.

  24. Maintain a professional network and key resource contacts.

  25. Exhibit model professional behavior to clients, consultants, contractors, team members, and other ProjX employees.

  26. Keep files and project documentation in order per office standards.

  27. Travel to project sites, perform infield reviews of new construction, meet with clients and contractors, and be able to review and evaluate existing facilities. 


Supervisory Responsibilities   

  1. Combine architectural and management skills to manage multi-tasked team (consultants and in-house staff) from design and graphic illustration to construction, on time and within budget.

  2. Direct and motivate project team of consultants and in-house staff, to maintain deadlines, work efficiently, and deliver a quality service.

  3. Provide work direction, training, coaching, mentoring, and technical leadership to assigned team members as directed, in order to facilitate project member’s growth.

  4. Review and approve work of assigned Project Coordinator(s).

  5. Make recommendations and implement a standard of project assembly to improve quality with accuracy and efficiency.


Job Dimensions 


1.  Represent and communicate ProjX’s business philosophy, methodology, and capabilities to potential clients, existing clients, as well as throughout his/her team.

  1. Ascertain a desired project or program narrative from client interviews.

  2. Encompass the design and implementation of technologies for increased productivity and efficiency of high-throughput methods for healthcare facilities.

  3. Conduct research and development for the broad purpose of improving health-care information, dissemination, and use.

  4. Develop and monitor internal budget(s) for assigned project(s).

  5. Produce projects within specified owner’s construction budgets.

  6. Produce projects within PROJX profit goals.

Nonessential Job Requirements 

  1. Other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  1. A First Professional Degree in Architecture either at the 5 year B ARCH or 4+2 M ARCH.

  2. 8-10+ years of related experience, plus 1-2 years of management experience.

  3. Architectural license required.

  4. Knowledgeable and skilled in AutoCAD or similar software preferred.

  5. Must be knowledgeable and skilled in Microsoft Office Suite.

  6. Must have an understanding of the requirements and function of the project type.

  7. Must be knowledgeable of national/state codes and local regulations related to health and safety requirements.

  8. Must possess an understanding of building design and the way buildings are put together, including engineered systems.

  9. Must be results oriented, able to manage projects with a high degree of technical complexity from start to finish, and know where to find answers for all technical problems.

  10. Must be able to program and provide schematic design solutions for a full range of project types.

  11. Must be able to listen and communicate effectively.

  12. Must be a team player and able to establish good working relationships with clients, consultants, contractors, team members, and other PROJX employees.

  13. Must be able to present self in a professional and courteous manner.

  14. Must be able to perform arithmetic operations, read, and write.

  15. Must possess a valid driver’s license.

  16. Must be detail oriented, able to problem-solve, and prioritize multiple responsibilities.

  17. Must be able to perform work-related travel.

  18. Must be able to analyze, compare, copy, compile, coordinate and synthesize data.

  19. Must display knowledge and ability to perform effectively throughout all phases of the assigned projects.

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