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ProjX has been using shipping containers as a sustainable construction component since 2006 on various facilities.  From small business offices to multi-story apartment buildings, this unique, green-building construction material is exceptionally technically challenging to utilize.  


The projects we do with shipping containers are interesting and fun!  Check out some of the superb facilities below!  Also, head over to the One City Container Village page for more details about that cutting-edge development in Nashville, TN.


Highlighted Projects

equinox ext 2.jpg






Equinox Gym was looking for a re-usable office solution that they could set up in new gym locations to sell memberships while the new gym was being built. We used shipping containers to create a modular, moveable office solution that could be placed in a parking lot.

Bareburger Restaurant had property on Long Island in New York and wished to create a modern, sustainable restaurant. We designed the restaurant from shipping containers. The restaurant was at capacity from the opening night!

The OneC1Ty project is comprised of several, multi-story live/work/play buildings in Nashville, TN. While the property was being developed, the developer wanted a land-banking solution to bring people to the site. We developed a campus using shipping containers that includes restaurants, office space, a cross-fit gym, and the Nashville Sports League headquarters.

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