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ProjX considers the responsibility of constructing or renovating a facility with a unique focus. Rather than the narrow scope of constructing a building, ProjX chooses to follow the expansive and infinitely customizable path of Owner Advocacy. ProjX carefully represents the Owner's interests and intent regarding the facility at every step from concept development to daily operation. ProjX believes the best way to manage the creation of a project is to be mindful of the Owner's intent for the entire lifecycle of facility ownership, constantly checking for conflicts in planning and execution.

As Owner Advocate, ProjX provides a continuous presence in the decision-making process to insure that all decisions support the Owner's stated intent for the building. Data from all sources is continuously integrated into a single, coherent format, which reduces the risk of errors due to erroneous or superseded information.


ProjX's unique methodology supplies both the facility's Owner and the design and construction team with critical information on a timely basis.


ProjX effectively negotiates on the Owner's behalf utilizing the broadest base of resources, research and experience in the industry. Utilizing this approach, ProjX has a demonstrated track record of reducing the cost of ownership, both during the design and construction phases and throughout operation of the facility. This is accomplished by reducing the risk of delays, mistakes and cost overruns. 


We are an extension of YOU bringing the knowledge required to deliver facilities for you, as Owner. We manage a wide array of knowledge silos which are reflected in each of our services.


Taking the approach of a long-term Owner's Advocate, ProjX is proactive in protecting the asset and the client. This approach maximizes return on the Owner's investment by minimizing delays, finger-pointing, and mistakes during concept, bid and construction phases of the project.

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